6 Magical Spooky Books in Spanish to Enrich Your Classroom This Halloween

Spooky books in Spanish

Are you on the hunt for scary and spooky books in Spanish to delight your upper elementary students?As the autumn leaves begin to twirl and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, the excitement for Halloween grows in every classroom. However, finding the perfect spooky tales in Spanish or bilingual books that capture the essence of this haunting season can be quite the task. 

As a teacher who champions culturally inclusive teaching, you understand the importance of integrating diverse narratives that resonate with all your students, especially those whose first language is Spanish. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a carefully curated list of spooky books in Spanish that are not only perfect for celebrating Halloween but also for fostering a love for reading and appreciation for diverse cultures in your classroom.

Before we dive into these eerie adventures, let me mention that I’m an Amazon affiliate, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through the links provided here, at no additional cost to you. Now, let’s explore these bewitching stories and how they can bring a touch of magic and mystery to your classroom.

6 Spooky Books in Spanish

1. La Llorona by Joe HayesFind it here

Spooky Books in Spanish: La Llorona by Joe Hayes

Joe Hayes brings to life the chilling legend of La Llorona, the weeping woman condemned to wander in search of her children. This bilingual edition not only introduces students to a pivotal figure in Hispanic folklore but does so in a way that bridges language barriers. Activity Suggestion: Let your students craft their versions of La Llorona’s tale, encouraging them to explore themes of loss, love, and redemption.

2. Escuela de espanto by Jack ChabertFind it here

Spooky books in Spanish: Escuela de Espanto

In this thrilling narrative, Samuel Cementerio discovers his school is no ordinary building—it’s alive with eerie secrets. This story blends humor and horror, inviting readers on a captivating journey as Samuel faces off against his school’s supernatural elements. Activity Suggestion: Host a creative writing session where students imagine their school has a secret life and describe a day in such a school.

3. Mal de fantasma by Joe Hayes – Find it here

Spooky books in Spanish: Mal de fantasma

Set against the backdrop of a small town in Arizona, this story revolves around a house that everyone knows to be haunted. Elena, along with her skeptical father and wise grandmother, embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about the ghost that dwells within. This tale seamlessly weaves together suspense and cultural wisdom. Activity Suggestion: Engage your students in a discussion about the significance of family and cultural heritage in understanding the unknown.

4. El caso del tren de la bruja by Patricia García-Rojo Find it here

Scaryy books in Spanish:los cazamisterios

Follow the adventures of the Misterio siblings as they unravel the mystery of the Witch’s Train. With their dog Bobo, whose nose beeps at the hint of a clue, they embark on a journey filled with secrets and laughter. This book is an invitation to join the club of mystery lovers. Activity Suggestion: Challenge your students to create their detective badges and solve mysteries around the classroom.

5. Espacios pequeños by Katherine ArdenFind it here

Spooky books in Spanish: los pequeños

Ollie’s discovery of a mysterious book plunges her and her classmates into a harrowing adventure on a haunted farm. This story masterfully blends elements of mystery, fairy tales, and horror, engaging readers in a race against time and supernatural forces. Activity Suggestion: Have your students draw or write about what they think “small spaces” means in the context of overcoming fears and challenges.

6. El Cucuy: A Bogeyman Cuento in English and Spanish by Joe HayesFind it here

Spooky books in Spanish: El Cucuy by Joe Hayes

This cautionary tale revisits the legend of El Cucuy, the bogeyman, through the eyes of two children who learn the importance of good behavior in the most unexpected way. The story’s bilingual presentation makes it accessible and engaging, providing a cultural lens into childhood lessons on morality. Activity Suggestion: Stimulate a creative session where students invent their own bogeyman based on cultural tales from around the world, fostering an appreciation for global narratives.

Bringing Spooky Books in Spanish Into Your Classroom

The incorporation of these spooky books in Spanish into your Halloween festivities is more than just a nod to the spooky season; it’s an affirmation of the rich cultural tapestry that each student brings to the classroom. By choosing stories that reflect a multitude of experiences and languages, you’re not only celebrating diversity but also empowering your students with the message that their stories, languages, and cultures matter.

For educators, especially those new to the profession, these spooky books in Spanish offer a wonderful opportunity to weave cultural inclusivity into the fabric of your classroom celebrations. They are not just tools for engagement but gateways to meaningful conversations about diversity, language, and the universal love for stories that thrill and chill us.

Let’s make this Halloween a memorable one by diving into these spooky tales, where the thrill of the story is matched only by the joy of discovery and inclusion.

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