Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Books: Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom

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Are you looking for Hispanic Heritage Month picture books for read aloud with your class?

As teachers, we all strive to create inclusive and diverse learning environments, where every student feels seen and celebrated. Today, I want to share with you a selection of enchanting picture books that honor Hispanic heritage and will captivate your students’ hearts. These books provide a window into rich cultural traditions, histories, and diverse experiences, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Latinx community. By incorporating these books into your class, you’ll create opportunities for meaningful discussions, broaden perspectives, and promote empathy among your students.

As a white bilingual educator myself, I come from a background that is different from many of my students. However, I strongly believe in the importance of honoring and embracing their diverse heritage. That’s why I was thrilled to discover these Hispanic Heritage Month picture books. These captivating stories not only helped me connect with my students’ cultural backgrounds but also transformed my classroom into a vibrant space of celebration and learning. The impact was truly remarkable, as students felt validated and proud of their heritage, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and unity among them.

So, together, let’s dive into the pages of these inclusive books and unlock the transformative experiences they offer. By introducing your students to the magic of Hispanic Heritage Month picture books, you’ll create a classroom where cultural appreciation, understanding, and empathy thrive. Get ready to be inspired and watch your students’ hearts and minds soar!

As an Amazon affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase any of the books using the links provided, at no additional cost to you. So, without further ado, let’s explore these captivating Hispanic Heritage Month picture books and discover the transformative experiences they offer.

Book Recommendations for Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Books:

Note: Wherever possible, I’ve included the English link first and the Spanish version in parenthesis afterwards. If there is a slash between the English and Spanish titles, it means that it’s a bilingual book with both languages.

Book 1: Dreamers (Spanish version)

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 1

Summary: Dreamers is a celebration of resilience, hope, and finding your way in a new place. This lovingly-illustrated memoir reminds us that we are all dreamers, carrying our strengths wherever we go.

Activity: Encourage students to create their own dream journals, where they can write and draw about their hopes and aspirations.

Book 2: Paletero Man/¡Que Paletero tan Cool!

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 2

Summary: Join our narrator on a delightful adventure as he seeks out the Paletero Man in his vibrant neighborhood. This heartwarming story emphasizes the importance of community, kindness, and the joy of sharing.

Activity: Organize a “Taste of Culture” day in the classroom, where students can bring and share traditional Latino snacks or desserts.

Book 3: The Mexiglish Girl / La Chica Mexiglish

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 3

Summary: Meet Gloria, a little girl with the special ability to speak both Spanish and English. Join her as she navigates cultural differences, overcomes challenges, and discovers the strength of embracing her dual heritage.

Activity: Invite students to share their own cultural traditions and languages, encouraging a multicultural exchange of stories, songs, and games.

Book 4: Magda’s Tortillas / Las Tortillas de Magda

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 4

Summary: Join Magda as she embarks on a tortilla-making adventure, showcasing the beauty and deliciousness of this traditional Mexican dish. This delightful story reminds us that great art can be both beautiful and tasty.

Activity: Organize a cooking activity where students can make their own tortillas, exploring the cultural significance of this culinary treasure.

Book 5: Danza!: Amalia Hernández and El Ballet Folklórico de México

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 5

Summary: Discover the inspiring journey of Amalia Hernández, a dancer who founded El Ballet Folklórico de México. This celebration of Mexican heritage, culture, and dance will captivate young readers and their parents alike.

Activity: Arrange a dance workshop or find a how to video, allowing students to learn and perform traditional Mexican folk dances, celebrating the vibrant rhythms and movements of the culture.

Book 6: La Frontera (English and Spanish Edition)

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 6

Summary: Join a young boy and his father on a daring journey from Mexico to Texas, as they seek a new life. This poignant story highlights resilience, courage, and the universal desire for a place to call home.

Activity: Engage students in a discussion about migration, empathy, and the importance of welcoming newcomers, promoting a compassionate understanding of diverse experiences.

Book 7: Where are you from? (Spanish)

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 7

Summary: A young girl explores her identity and embraces her roots through her abuelo’s loving guidance. This powerful, lyrical picture book resonates with readers of all backgrounds, emphasizing self-acceptance and the beauty of belonging.

Activity: Encourage students to create their own identity collages, using images and words that represent their unique backgrounds and cultural heritage.

Book 8: Be Bold! Be Brave! 11 Latinas who made U.S. History (English and Spanish Edition)

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 8

Summary: This bilingual book highlights the remarkable achievements of 11 trailblazing Latinas in various fields, inspiring young readers to dream big and make a difference in the world.

Activity: Facilitate a research project where students can choose a Latina figure and present their accomplishments to the class, fostering admiration and empowerment.

Book 9: Pepe and the Parade: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 9

Summary: Follow Pepe as he attends his first Hispanic Day parade, celebrating the vibrant cultures and identities of various Hispanic communities. This joyful book is a jubilant celebration of culture, diversity, and pride.

Activity: Organize a classroom parade, where students can dress up in traditional Hispanic attire, carrying flags and symbols representing their diverse backgrounds.

Book 10: Jaguars and Butterflies (Spanish)

Hispanic Heritage Month Picture Book 10

Summary: This self-empowerment resource for girls of Mexican heritage celebrates strength, diversity, and the beauty of Mexican culture through enchanting art and poetry.

Activity: Engage students in an art project inspired by the book, where they can create their own colorful and meaningful artwork representing their unique identities.

How will you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Class?

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor and celebrate the rich diversity and contributions of the Hispanic community. By incorporating these captivating picture books into your classroom, you’ll create an inclusive learning experience, fostering cultural understanding, empathy, and pride among your students.Storytelling is powerful and these books will transport your students to new worlds while instilling a love for reading and a sense of belonging. 

Remember, these books are available through the provided Amazon links, and if you choose to make a purchase, you’ll be supporting the maintenance of this site. Happy reading, maestros bilingües, and enjoy the transformative power of Hispanic Heritage Month picture books!

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