12 Chapter Books in Spanish Perfect for Novel Studies

Chapter Books in Spanish for 3rd - 6th grade

“Can you suggest any chapter books in Spanish?” This is one of my most frequently asked questions! And it’s no surprise, since finding chapter books in Spanish, especially ones written in authentic Spanish, can be quite challenging to find.

So if you are a bilingual teacher looking for chapter books in Spanish for your 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 6th grade classroom, read on to see my curated list of books. These literary gems not only offer authentic Spanish texts and stories from Latino authors but also provide a wonderful opportunity to foster biliteracy and promote cultural inclusion in your classroom. 

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Spanish Chapter Book 1: Me Llamo Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada

Authentic text

Summary: María Isabel finds herself struggling with the challenge of her new school, where the teacher insists on calling her by a different name. Will she be able to make her teacher understand that losing her name means losing a vital part of her identity?

Me llamo Maria Isabel chapter book in Spanish

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: Me Llamo Maria Isabel tackles themes of identity, diversity, and self-acceptance, providing a valuable resource for discussions on cultural understanding and empathy. Students will relate to María Isabel’s experiences and gain insights into the importance of embracing one’s true self.

Spanish Chapter Book 2: El Soñador by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: Neftalí, a dreamer with a vivid imagination, collects treasures and writes stories. Despite facing challenges and the disapproval of his father, he grows up to become the renowned poet Pablo Neruda. This inspiring book will ignite the creativity and aspirations of young writers and artists.

El soñador Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: El Soñador celebrates the power of imagination, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s passions. It encourages students to explore their own creativity, express themselves through writing, and overcome obstacles on their journey towards self-discovery.

Spanish Chapter Book 3: El Único Destino by Alexandra Diaz

Authentic text

Summary: Jaime, a twelve-year-old boy, embarks on a dangerous and life-changing journey from Guatemala to the United States to live with his older brother. This gripping novel explores themes of courage, love, and the pursuit of a better life, shedding light on the realities faced by many young immigrants.

El unico destino Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: El Único Destino offers a powerful narrative that fosters empathy, compassion, and an understanding of the experiences of immigrant children. It provides a platform for discussions on social justice, human rights, and the value of diverse perspectives.

Spanish Chapter Book 4: La Encrucijada by Alexandra Diaz

Note: Authentic text

Summary: Jaime’s story continues as he faces the challenges of starting a new life in the United States. Struggling with language barriers and feelings of displacement, Jaime must find his place in this new world and discover what it truly means to be a citizen.

La encrucijada Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: La Encrucijada sheds light on the experiences of immigrant children, emphasizing themes of belonging, resilience, and the pursuit of a better life. It encourages students to value their own heritage while fostering empathy and inclusivity towards others.

Spanish Chapter Book 5: De cómo tía Lola vino (de visita) a quedarse by Julia Alvarez

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: This delightful story follows a Dominican family living in Vermont as they receive a visit from the spirited and magical Aunt Lola. Aunt Lola’s presence brings joy and transforms the lives of the family and the entire community. It’s a heartwarming tale of love, acceptance, and cultural heritage.

Tia Lola Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: De cómo tía Lola vino (de visita) a quedarse explores themes of cultural identity, family bonds, and embracing differences. It encourages students to celebrate their own cultural heritage while fostering an appreciation for diversity within their community.

Spanish Chapter Book 6: Mañanaland by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: Maximiliano Córdoba, a young boy with a passion for stories, embarks on a perilous quest to discover the truth about his family and his own destiny. Guided by legends and a treasured compass, Max learns about compassion, hope, and the power of humanity in this timeless tale.

Mañanaland Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: Mañanaland explores themes of identity, courage, and the search for a better future. It prompts students to reflect on their own dreams and aspirations while fostering a sense of empathy and understanding for others’ journeys.

Spanish Chapter Book 7: Con cariño, Amalia by Alma Flor Ada

Authentic text

Summary: When Amalia’s best friend moves away, she feels a mix of sadness and anger. However, her wise grandmother’s loving words help her cope with these emotions. Through cooking, storytelling, and exploring family treasures, Amalia learns the value of cherished connections and memories.

Con cariño, Amalia Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: Con cariño, Amalia promotes emotional intelligence, resilience, and the importance of family bonds. It encourages students to express their emotions, appreciate the support of loved ones, and recognize the significance of personal and cultural heritage.

Activity Suggestion: Have students interview family members to learn about their own family traditions, recipes, and treasured objects, and create a class “Heritage Cookbook” or “Memory Box.”

Spanish Chapter Book 8: Esperanza Renace by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: Set during the Great Depression, “Esperanza Renace” tells the powerful story of Esperanza Ortega, a girl who must adapt to a new life of labor and hardship in California after her family’s fortune is lost. It explores themes of resilience, family, and the strength found within oneself.

Esperanza renace, Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: Esperanza Renace provides historical insights into the experiences of immigrants during challenging times, fostering empathy, and understanding. It encourages students to reflect on their own sources of strength and develop a sense of gratitude for the opportunities they have.

Spanish Chapter Book 9: Yo, Naomi León by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: Naomi Soledad León Outlaw faces challenges, including her name, clothing, and her long-lost mother’s sudden return. This heartwarming tale explores themes of identity, family, and the journey towards self-discovery, inspiring students to embrace their true selves.

Yo, Naomi Leon Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: Yo, Naomi León celebrates cultural identity, self-acceptance, and the importance of family connections. It encourages students to reflect on their own unique qualities, appreciate their heritage, and develop empathy towards others facing similar challenges.

Spanish Chapter Book 10: Nacer Bailando by Alma Flor Ada

Authentic text

Summary: In Nacer Bailando, Margie, who has concealed her Mexican heritage, finds her carefully constructed American image challenged when her cousin Lupe visits. As the two girls navigate their own struggles, they discover the true meaning of home and the importance of embracing their identities.

Nacer bailando, Spanish chapter book

Benefits for the Dual Language Classroom: This book explores cultural identity, family dynamics, and friendship, fostering empathy and understanding while encouraging students to appreciate diversity and build connections with others.

Spanish Chapter Book 11: La travesía de Santiago by Alexandra Diaz

Authentic text

Summary: Follow Santiago’s journey from Mexico to the United States, where he encounters María Dolores and her daughter Alegría. Together, they embark on a transformative adventure, learning to trust one another and discovering the resilience required to navigate their circumstances.

La travesia de Santiago, Spanish chapter book

Benefits: La Travesía de Santiago sheds light on the immigrant experience, emphasizing trust, friendship, and resilience. It prompts discussions on empathy, social justice, and the pursuit of a better future, encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in similar situations.

Spanish Chapter Book 12: Devolver al Remitente by Julia Alvarez

Translated text, Latina author

Summary: In Devolver al Remitente, Tyler’s family hires migrant Mexican workers to save their farm, leading him to question his assumptions and prejudices. Through his friendship with Mari, the oldest daughter of the workers, Tyler learns about the complexities of immigration, ultimately fostering empathy and acceptance.

Devolver al Reminente, Spanish chapter book

Benefits: This book explores themes of immigration, identity, and friendship, promoting empathy, understanding, and the breakdown of stereotypes. It encourages students to engage in discussions about social justice, cultural diversity, and the power of human connection.

Get started!

Reading chapter books in Spanish offers a wealth of opportunities for bilingual teachers to engage and inspire their 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students. By incorporating these captivating stories into the classroom, you can foster biliteracy, cultural understanding, and empathy. From tales of resilience and self-discovery to narratives exploring the immigrant experience, each book discussed in this post provides a unique lens through which your students can explore their own identities, embrace diversity, and develop a love for reading in Spanish. So, dive into the world of chapter books in Spanish and help your students reach biliteracy.

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