Effective Order of Operations Guided Notes for 5th Grade

Order of Operations guided notes for 5th grade

Are you facing the challenge of teaching the order of operations to your 5th grade students? It’s a common hurdle in many classrooms. This concept introduces a specific sequence of steps they need to follow, which can leave students struggling to remember what to do first. It’s a bit like learning a new dance routine – every step needs to be in the right order, or the whole thing can get muddled up!

One way to help your 5th grade students internalize the order of operations is with guided notes. Guided notes are a style of note-taking where some words are already filled in, but certain parts are left blank. This cuts down the amount of writing that students must do and the anxiety of keeping up with the teacher. But at the same time, they still have all of the benefits of note-taking such as serving as a reference later. This is incredibly helpful with it comes to the order of operations because when your students get stuck they can look back on their notes to see the order and look at examples. 

A student desk with order of operations guided notes laying on a folder

The Power of Order of Operations Guided Notes

1. Structured Learning Path: The notes provide a clear, step-by-step guide through the order of operations, simplifying the learning process.

2. Active Engagement: Filling in the blanks in the guided notes keeps students engaged and focused, leading to better understanding and retention.

3. Visual Learning Aids: Including diagrams and examples, the notes help demystify the abstract aspects of the order of operations.

4. Personalized Reference Material: The completed notes serve as a tailored reference tool for students to reinforce their learning. Students can add their own notes and doodles to personalize it to their own style.

Ready-Made Order of Operations Guided Notes

I will admit that the worst part about guided notes is that designing your own does take a fair amount of prep time. You have to be thoughtful and intentional in writing the steps, choosing examples, and identifying which parts your students are going to fill in.

However, I’m pleased to share that I’ve created Order of Operations Guided Notes. They’re available in English, Spanish, and a bilingual bundle with both. You can click the links to check them out on TPT, or continue reading to find out more about these notes. 

A student desk with order of operations guided notes in English & Spanish

Empowering Your Students

Your students will greatly benefit from using these guided notes. They will:

  • Learn to evaluate numerical expressions by following the order of operations
  • Develop skills to interpret word problems and convert them into numerical expressions
  • Understand the importance of grouping symbols such as parentheses and brackets

Transform Your Teaching with Order of Operations Guided Notes

These guided notes are designed to be incredibly teacher-friendly. You will find a teacher version included, providing you with what to write in the blanks. Depending on your classroom setup, you can choose between a low-prep, print-and-go version, or a no-prep digital version for Google Slides.

The image shows a clipboard with a teacher answer key for order of operations guided notes

What’s Included in the Order of Operations Guided Notes?

  • 4 pages of notes covering critical topics including numerical expressions, solving expressions, grouping symbols, and the order of operations itself
  • 4 pages of teacher answer keys
  • Access to the digital version on Google Slides for a tech-integrated approach

Preview and Get Started

Curious to see how these notes will look in your classroom? Use the links below to see a preview and make a purchase. 

Order of Operations Guided Notes for 5th grade

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