From Overwhelm to Empowerment: How Guided Math Notes Revolutionize 5th Grade Learning

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We all know that taking notes can be a struggle, especially for our 5th-grade students. But what if I told you there’s a powerful yet simple tool that can transform this challenge into an engaging and personalized learning experience?

Get ready to discover the world of guided math notes.

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Guided math notes. Why? How? When?

What are Guided Math Notes?

Guided math notes are a structured approach to note-taking that actively involves students in the learning process. With traditional note-taking, teachers present information and students have to figure out what’s important and copy it down while still following along. This is a tall order for the highest of our 5th graders and is a steep ask for students who are neurodivergent, visually impaired, or just otherwise find this a difficult task. 

Guided math notes encourage active student participation and rigor while reducing the cognitive load. These notes include a combination of pre-written content and blank spaces that students fill in during instruction, making them interactive and customizable to individual learning needs.

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3 Remarkable Benefits of Guided Math Notes:

  1. Active Engagement: Guided math notes transforms your students from passive observers to active participants in their learning. By actively writing and completing their notes, your students are more likely to process information, ask questions, and think critically.
  2. Personalized Learning: The flexible nature of guided math notes allows your students to personalize their learning experience. Whether it’s through drawings, diagrams, or keywords, students can adapt their notes to their individual learning styles and preferences, promoting deeper understanding and knowledge retention.
  3. Reference Tool: Guided math notes become a valuable reference tool for your students to review and reinforce concepts independently. As they revise their notes, your students can reflect on their understanding and identify areas that require further attention.
Getting started with guided math notes in 5th grade

4 Steps to Successfully Using Guided Math Notes in Your 5th Grade Classroom:

  1. Preparing the Notes:
  • Break down the lesson into key concepts and subtopics.
  • Design a template with headings, guiding questions, and partially completed examples.
  • Leave appropriate spaces for students to fill in their own responses, explanations, or solutions.


To be transparent, preparing the notes is definitely the most laborious part! If you want to save yourself some prep time, you can purchase my year-long guided notes bundle for 5th grade. It’s available in English, Spanish, and a bilingual bundle with both.

Not only do they serve the purposes we discussed above such as personalized learning and active engagement, but they are also incredibly easy to use for you, the teacher. You can choose the low-prep print-and-go option or assign the digital version in Google Classroom. The teacher notes are included so you know exactly what to write.

  1. Introducing Guided Math Notes:
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of guided math notes to your students.
  • Model how to complete the notes effectively, thinking aloud and highlighting key ideas.
  • Encourage students to actively participate and take ownership of their learning.


  1. Guided Practice:
  • Facilitate a guided practice session, where students work collaboratively to complete sections of their notes.
  • Circulate the classroom, providing individualized support and clarifying any misconceptions.
  • Encourage peer discussions and problem-solving strategies during the process.
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  1. Independent Work and Reflection:
  • Assign independent practice activities aligned with the content covered in the guided math notes.
  • Encourage students to refer back to their notes for support.
  • Dedicate time for reflection, allowing students to review and revise their notes, reinforcing their understanding.
Guided math notes for 5th grade

Get started!

Guided math notes offer a powerful tool to foster active engagement, personalized learning, and deeper conceptual understanding in your 5th grade math classroom. By incorporating this strategy into your instruction, you can create a student-centered learning environment that promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and long-term retention of mathematical concepts.

To help you get started and experience the benefits of guided notes, I have a free download of the place value unit from my year long guided notes bundle for 5th grade in both Spanish and English. This allows you to explore the content, structure, and interactive elements of guided notes firsthand. If you love it (and I’m confident you will!) you can purchase the year long bundle in English, Spanish, or a bilingual bundle with both.

Try guided notes today!

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