6 Must-Try Thanksgiving Classroom Activities in Spanish

Celebrate with 6 Must-Try Thanksgiving Classroom Activities in Spanish

Are you on the hunt for Thanksgiving classroom activities in Spanish for your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom? As Thanksgiving approaches, you might find yourself searching for ways to bring the holiday spirit into your classroom, especially for your Spanish immersion or bilingual classroom. The challenge is finding activities that not only celebrate the holiday but also support language learning and cultural understanding. This can be tough, especially when resources are limited or not tailored to bilingual students. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving classroom activities in Spanish that will not only engage your students but also enhance their learning experience.

Thanksgiving Math Escape Room – Sala de escape

Kick off the Thanksgiving celebration with an exciting educational twist! My Thanksgiving Math Escape Room is designed specifically for students to practice their math skills while enjoying the festive theme of Thanksgiving. This digital escape room challenges your students with puzzles and problems that are perfect for reinforcing math concepts. It’s available in Spanish and provides a fantastic way for your students to engage with the material in a fun, interactive way.

Thanksgiving Math Escape Room Bilingual Bundle

Click here to purchase the Thanksgiving Math Escape Room on TPT in Spanish, English, or as a bilingual bundle.

“Gracias” Tree – El Árbol de Gracias

A “Gracias” Tree is a wonderful way to incorporate gratitude into your classroom. Ask your students to write something they are thankful for on a leaf-shaped piece of paper in Spanish. Then, have them attach their leaves to a classroom tree mural. This activity not only decorates your classroom festively but also helps students practice their Spanish vocabulary and encourages them to think about what they appreciate in their lives.

Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension – Comprensión Lectora de Acción de Gracias

Dive into the traditions of Thanksgiving with a special reading comprehension passage. This activity discusses various Thanksgiving traditions and their origins. It is designed to help students improve their Spanish reading skills while learning about this important holiday. After reading, students will answer five questions to test their understanding of the text.

This resource is available in Spanish, English, and as a bilingual bundle. It also includes a digital version in Google Slides, making it easy for teachers to integrate into any classroom setting.

Thanksgiving Traditions Reading Comprehension Bilingual Bundle

Click here to purchase the Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Activity on TPT in Spanish, English, or as a bilingual bundle.

Thanksgiving Recipe Share – Compartir Recetas de Acción de Gracias

Invite your students to bring in recipes for their favorite Thanksgiving dishes written in Spanish. Each student can present their recipe to the class, explaining the ingredients and the steps. This activity is perfect for building vocabulary related to food and cooking, and it gives students a chance to share a bit of their family traditions.

Write Thank You Cards – Escribir Tarjetas de Agradecimiento

Have your students write thank you cards in Spanish to school staff or family members. Provide them with phrases and vocabulary that they can use to express their gratitude. This not only reinforces their language skills but also fosters a sense of community and gratitude within your classroom.

Why These Thanksgiving Classroom Activities in Spanish Matter

Integrating Thanksgiving activities in Spanish into your curriculum is not just about celebrating a holiday; it’s about making all students feel included and valued. It provides an opportunity for Spanish-speaking students to engage deeply with the holiday and for other students to broaden their cultural and linguistic horizons. These activities also help you solve the challenge of keeping students engaged and motivated during a time when they might be more focused on the upcoming holiday break.

Don’t let this Thanksgiving pass without embracing these fun, educational activities that celebrate the culture, language, and meaning of the holiday. With a bit of preparation and creativity, your classroom can become a vibrant community of thankful learners, excited about both Thanksgiving and the Spanish language.

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