Free Bilingual Reading Passages in Spanish & English

Free bilingual reading passages in Spanish and English

Are you looking for bilingual reading passages in Spanish and English to support your dual language or immersion classroom? As a bilingual teacher, you’ve likely experienced the frustrating and often overwhelming challenge of finding high-quality Spanish resources for bilingual classes.

Whether you’re teaching Spanish as a second language or fostering your students’ native language, the scarcity of suitable materials can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. But fear not, because in this blog post, we’re about to explore effective solutions and  valuable resources that will make your bilingual teaching and learning experience not only easier but also more enjoyable.

Say goodbye to the endless search and hello to a wealth of accessible, engaging, and culturally rich reading passages in Spanish and English!

Bilingual Reading Comprehension

In the upper grades we typically make the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Because of this shift, working on reading comprehension is really important.

Therefore, each bilingual Spanish reading passage includes 5 comprehension questions. Four of these are multiple choice and one is free response. These questions vary from simple factual questions to inferring, determining the main idea, identifying the author’s purpose, and asking the student to express an opinion. Answer keys are included for your ease.

For even more about teaching reading comprehension in a bilingual classroom, be sure to read Reading Comprehension Made Easy for the Dual Language Class.

Reading comprehension made easy for dual language classes

Cultural Topics

Another facet of bilingual education is the cultural piece. Most dual language programs, including my own, have an element of cultural education. However, it’s always a struggle to find resources and reading passages in Spanish for these cultural units! 

My bilingual reading passages not only address reading comprehension but also include culturally relevant themes. Topics include Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia de los Muertos, Latin American Countries, Christmas in Latin America, and Black History Month

High-Quality Real Photographs

As educators, we know that student interest is a huge part of engagement. Let’s face it, students are more interested in an activity when it looks good. Therefore, each bilingual reading passage includes high-quality real photographs in full color. Not only are these visually appealing, but they build comprehension by giving students context for what they are reading and help build background knowledge.

Building Background Knowledge

The Science of Reading has shown how important it is to have knowledge about a topic when learning to read and understand texts well.

Studies in this field have consistently found that having a lot of background knowledge is not just a bonus, but it is a crucial part of being a good reader. When readers already know about a topic, it helps them understand new information better. This connection between what they already know and what they are learning makes it easier to understand, learn new words, and become a better reader overall.

In short, the Science of Reading tells us that background knowledge is not just something extra, but it is actually really important for understanding things deeply and becoming a better reader.

With my bilingual reading passages in Spanish and English, you can build your students’ background knowledge on a variety of topics in their native language, which then can transfer to their second language. 

How do I download the free bilingual reading passages in Spanish and English?

To get you started, my bilingual reading passages about Spain are available for free. Your students will learn about the geography, people, wildlife, and history of Spain. Like my other bilingual reading passages, this free set includes high-quality real photographs, reading comprehension questions, and a digital version. Click here or click the image below to download your free bilingual reading passage in Spanish and English today.

Free bilingual reading passages in Spanish: All About Spain

Click here to see all of my bilingual reading passages in Spanish and English on TPT.

What Educators Are Saying

  • “This is fantastic!! I love that I will be able to use it with both my ESL and Spanish classes. Thank you! :-)” – Tara B.
  • “This was perfect for my sub plans! Learning about culture is always fun for my students. Thank you!” – Elizabeth B.
  • “Very useful and informative, reading it was easy for them. A perfect way to merge culture to the students.” – Tania M.

More Freebies for Bilingual Teachers

For even more free Spanish and bilingual resources, be sure to join my email list! You’ll get a free set of Animals of Mexico reading passages in Spanish and English. This includes 4 bilingual reading passages, a digital version, and comprehension questions- all completely free! Plus you’ll be the notified about new blog posts, sales, and receive the occasional freebie. Click the link or on the image below to read more about this free bilingual reading passages offer.

4 Free Bilingual Reading Passages: Discover the Fascinating Animals of Mexico!

Free bilingual reading passages about Animals of Mexico

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